How To Connect LED Video Controller Card With LEEMAN DISPLAY LED Panels


Building Indoor Outdoor Video LED Display Screen


1) Material Parts List

32X64 LED panels, 16×32 LED panels, 32×32 led panels, 64×64 led panels

LEEMAN DISPLAY LED Panels with HUB75 vertain 16 Pin and LED configurtations.

Novastar LED sender / Receiver or Linsn LED sending card / Receiving card system

Meanwell Power supply AC110V-240V input to DC5V/40A-60A adapter plate

Long Signal cable – 16 pin IDC connector

Power cables – thick 5V cable with connector

Ethernet cable – RJ45 interface CAT5 network cable

Aluminum Frame

M4 x 8 Screws

Magnet screw

A computer with Windows XP/7/8/10 to run the led studio configuration software


2) Prepare all LED panels

Lay all RGB LED modules on the desktop, then fix the magnet or screw to each led module.


3) Building the aluminum frame

Place the LED panels on the aluminum strip and secure it with a magnet


4) Wiring Data cables and Power cables

Using short 16pin data cable to connect two led panels together

4pin ATX power cables with connnector to plug in led modules, red wire +5V, black wire GND


5) Mounting Novaster / Linsn Receiver Card

Use four 4 screws and nuts to fasten the receiver card to the plate.


6) Wiring Linsn / Novastar Receiving card

After the receiving card has been mounted, than plug the IDC data breakout board in to the receiver card. Make sure that it’s plugged in oriented right place.

Each IDC plug on the receiver card corresponds to a row of panels on the LED video wall.

Connect 5V power cables from a nearby led panel / power supply to receiving card.


7) Connection The Sending Card

DVI cable connection sending card and computer

USB cable connection is only used for Sender/Receiver configuration (see the LED Studio Software Configuration step).

DC5V power to sending card from PC

Setup is straight forward- Ethernet gets plugged into the ‘U’ port, 5V power to the DC jack, and video input to the DVI jack. For more connectivity, a HDMI to DVI adapter can be used. You can also get Displayport to DVI (or DS -> HDMI -> DVI) cables easily.


8) Final Connection

Plug in the ethernet cable to Sending card U port and receiver card.


9) LED Studio Software Configuration

In order to setup / configure the LED Display Modules,  you have to download the Linsn LED studio software or Novastar LED NovaStudio software. The serial number- just enter “888888”


If you need software and RCG or RCFG file, they are free, please contact us now!




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