Frequently Asked Questions

LeemanLED Display Screens Frequently Asked Questions
In this section you can find various articles related to the most asked questions about Fixed Installation LED Display screens made by customers explained in detail. If you dont find the solution to your question related to Rental LED screens here, please let us know and we will be glad to help you out.LED Video Screen Articles and Explanations about LED Advertising Displays and LED Digital Signs
1 What is a LED Screen?
2 Decoding the LED Signal to LED Screen. How does it work?
3 Full Color Integrated 3in1 SMD LED Screens
4 Difference Between Real and Virtual Pixels LED Screens
5 Do I need a wide LED screen to play 16:9 movies?
6 Prices LED Screens, LED Displays and Electronic Billboards
7 LED Screens and Refresh Rate
8 Life Time of our LED Screens
9 Leeman LED Screens Quality Explanation and Comparison
10 What do the IP protection grades for LED screens mean?
11 Relationship between pixel pitch distance and viewing distance
12 The Effective Control Distance Of LED Displays and LED Screens
13 Wireless GPRS Solution for LED Display Screens
14 Wireless RF Solution for LED Display Screens
15 Wireless 4G Solution for LED Display Screens
16 Control your LED Screen Remotely with LED Studio by Internet
17 Refresh Rate and Frame-Changing Frequency of LED Displays
18 LED Screen Power Consumption Explained
19 The Relationship between LED Screen Brightness and Viewing Angle
20 How to Choose an Air Conditioner for LED Displays
21 What LED brand to choose when buying a LED screen
22 Color Depth (Gray Scale) of LED Displays
23 How to choose the best model of LED display
24 SMD or DIP LED for outdoor LED display technology?
25 How much is it? The price and real cost of LED displays
26 The 10 greatest advantages of LED display technology
27 The best screen or monitor for shop window
28 LED screen specifications sheet
29 The importance of visual contents on LED screens
30 Transparent or mesh LED displays
31 Different ways to call the same thing, LED displays or video walls
32 How to choose the best LED display provider?
33 Go digital! Reasons why it makes so much sense to transform a static billboard into a digital billboard
34 Led display software and controller | LEEMANDISPLAY
35 How to create a video for Led Displays
36 How to build an Led Display – LeemanDisplay
37 How to install an Led Screen
38 What is an LED Screen
39 What is the difference between an LED TV and LED Screens
40 Why use an LED Screen instead of an LCD Screen
41 How big are LED Screens
42 What is Pixel Pitch
43 What are Real, Actual and Virtual Pixel Pitches
44 How do I decide what screen is right for me
45 What can I show on my LED Screen
46 What is LED lighting
47 How long will my LED light last
48 How much does LED Lighting save
49 How would my life improve with LED
50 How are LEDs environment friendly
51 Are LED lights more expensive
52 Why do LEDs cost more than other types of bulbs? Are they worth it