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Linsn TS801D Full Color LED Sending card Synchronous control Large size support LED Video TV Wall

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Linsn TS801D is old version sending card, if you order TS801D, we will send you TS802D card, it is compatible with TS801 card

For full color RGB display synch control system sending card
1.Control range: 2048 * 640 / 1600 * 800pixel
2. Size:144.0mm X 91.2mm
3.Communicate mode:DVI & Twisted Pair UPT / RJ45
4.Scan type:1/4,1/8,1/16,static constant current
6.Working voltage:DC 5-12V

Fully compatible with the seventh generation
Upgrade based on the seventh generation development, the original function of many more new features more powerful, more stable and more reliable system.Systems can be mixed with seven generations.

Intelligent connectivity
With a display of multiple receiver card / box (including the spare) can be exchanged without any re-set, to receive the smart card to identify the need to display the contents of the earth.

Support 10-bit color
The old system of 8-bit color can display 256X256X256 = 1677216 colors, the new system color number 1024X1024X1024 = 1073741824 colors, the new system the number of colors is 64 times the old system.

Support the module width of any number less than 64
The old system only supports 2,4,8,16,32,64-width module, the new system is 64 or less arbitrary number.

Intelligent monitoring
Every receiving card has four temperature sensing and fan control output, according to the temperature limit set by the user to control four intelligent fan speed.

Company icon
When the power did not send a card on the display automatically when the set point of the company’s image, image pixels to 128X128, 16K colors for the color.

Support within any 16-bit scanning
1,2,4,8,16 original system only supports scanning, scan the new system 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 .

Support shaped split display
Every receiving card, maximum support 1024 segments split for abnormal / text screen.

Support more than content insertion
Each access point can be set to the number of pixels of one or more empty for abnormal screen.

Support for hardware-by-point correction
Need special driver chip, thereby enabling better display point by point correction.

Driver IC with PWM support
Need special driver chip, thereby enabling the display effect is even more perfect.

Support-by-point detection
With special driver chip to be dynamically display flaw detection situation.
By-point correction, by card (box) correction
Support a single point-by-point correction, 2 × 2 , 4 × 4 points and 8 × 8 four kinds of correction modes, the maximum correction 6144 points / module, red, green and blue 256. By card (box) correction for the display of the inter-tile color correction, red, green and blue 256.

Identification card function
Intelligent identification program can recognize two-color, full-color, virtual, lighting and other various boards of various drive scanning and a variety of signals to identify the rate of 99%, a set of cards in hand, doing screen of mind.

Loading Capacity
Maximum with dual cable set 1280×1024, the largest single cable with load 1024×640, 1280×512

65536 (64K) gray set of arbitrary functions
Customers can monitor the situation never gray to 65536 (64K) adjust the gray, so that you achieve the best screen display.
Refresh rate be set up, lock, synchronization
Refresh rate from 10Hz-3000Hz can be arbitrarily set, refresh rate lock feature allows the display refresh locked at integral multiple computer monitors refresh rate, and to prevent tearing, to ensure perfect image reproduction. Phase-locked range of 47Hz-76Hz.

Dual-cable hot backup
Receiving the card A, B two-port can be used as input or output ports can be used to simultaneously control two computers one screen, when a computer problem occurs, automatically take over another computer, a computer can also be used for dual-network line control, when a cable problem, the other automatically takes over a network cable, allows the display of the work to get maximum protection.

Multi-display Synchronous and Combination Functions
Send cards to support a control panel with a multi-block, multi-block-screen work status can be any combination, synchronous display, independent play, etc., by shortcut keys, fast switching.

256 automatic brightness adjustment
256 brightness adjustment feature allows you to adjust the display brightness is more effective.

Break through the traditional concept of no DIP switches
No DIP switch design, all the settings set by the computer.

Program online update feature
If the display of the receiver card program to be upgraded, just open the big-screen power through the LED studio can upgrade without having to receive the card can be removed from the big-screen update.

Test function
Receiver card integration test function, do not send a card to take the test screen, slash, gray, red, green, blue, light and other full-test mode.

Long distance
Transmission up to 170 m (measured), to ensure transmission to 140 meters.

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Linsn TS801D full color LED sending card TS802D SENDER