KYSTAR KS920 three-picture splicing processor


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KYSTAR KS920 three-picture splicing Processor

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KYSTAR KS920 three-picture splicing Processor

Product Features:
Single machine can support output pixel up to 7680 horizontally or 3072 vertically.
Supporting Dual Link DVI signal and 3840*1080 ultra-HD input, to realize point to point splicing display easily.
Supporting special-shaped screen splicing and picture display.
Supporting three-screen arbitrary placement, scaling, screen crossing and overlay.
Supporting picture transparency setting and edge feather.
Supporting editable picture and text overlays
Supportive to real seamless switch, with more than 10 kinds of switching effects
Supporting 12 storage modes, to be available to seamless or special effects mode
Easy to use with navigation settings.

Based on a powerful processing stage, KStone-920/920S makes every effort
to render the most cost-effective solution for users with its flexible construction.

Various input slots
KStone-920/920S have various commonly used slots (standard);
Input: CVBS*4, DVI(compliant HDMI)*2, VGA*2, HDMI*1,
SDI*1(for Kstone 920S).
Output:DVI(programmatic output)*2, DVI(preview output)*1

Flexible and powerful equipment structure
KStone-920/920S are equipped with a widely adaptable extension slot;
1 DVI input slot can be changed to other slots, including VGA, DVI, SDI or
CVBS, to meet higher demand;
KStone-920/920S can also carry the ultra-strong Dual Link DVI input card to realize ultra HD
point to point output.

Flexible image splicing display
KStone-920/920S support horizontal and vertical
splicing output. A single machine supports
image resolution up to 7680*600 or 1536*
3072. KStone-920/920S support custom output resolution and enable users change the aspect ration freely.

Interesting special-shaped picture
KStone-9 serial support interesting special-shaped picture display, such as shaped, peach-shaped,creating a harmonious atmosphere in the scene.

Image transparency and feather
KStone-920/920S enable user to set the transparency of image window pixel by pixel and make edge feather setting for image to realize multi-overlaid picture more harmonious and vivid.

Dual Link DVI
KStone920/920S can carry Dual Link DVI ultra-HD input card., Single input slot can
support image resolution up to 3840×1200@60Hz, to settle big screen image fuzzy
resulted from enlargement and splicing.

Ultra HD, beyond 1080P
Without expensive professional graphics, no more
complicated mode changing, KStone-920/920S provide you
ultra HD image beyond 1080P, ending the fuzzy era of big screen!

Real special effects transition
KStone-920/920S can realize seamless switch
between signals. When it is switching directly,
there is no blackout , no blue ,no intermission or
delay. When it is switching with transition effect,
two signal sources are both active, and the
transition effect is soft and smooth.

More than 10 transition effects
KStone-920/920S can support more than 10 kinds
of transition effects. Users can set custom shortcut
keys for these effects to finish transitions quickly.
Specially, KStone-920/920S can switch transition
effects randomly by using management software.

Three-window and OSD system
KStone-920/920S can render windows of three signals at most at the same time. And these
windows can be moved freely and overlay each other. At the same time, with the KYSTAR
intelligent OSD system, which is embedded in KStone-920/920S, users can add pictures and

12 Settable modes
KStone-920/920S can be set more than 12 modes, users can
save different windows or signal layout into comparable
mode according to reality commands, to realize calling
different scene quickly.
The calling process of setting mode also supports various
transition effects, without blackout or glimmer.

Custom Mode
Through KYSTAR control software, users can set name
and property for different modes conveniently.

Image preview
KStone-920/920S can preview image of input
signals from every channel, to make sure that
there is no malfunction when it is called.

Product Specifications :

Video Input Signal
Count Description
DVI-D(24.1) 2 Max resolution supported is 1920*1200@60Hz ,downward compatibility.
•Compatible with HDMI1.3 and lower version, EDID version 1.3
VOA (HD-15) 2 Max resolution supported is 1920*1200@60Hz ,downward compatibility.
•EDID version 1.3
.Signal level:R、G、B、Hsync、Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync ) 75Ω;black level:300mV Sync-tip:0V
CVBS(BNC) 4  Adaptive NTSC/PAL, support 3D comb filter.
Video Output Signal
Count Description
DVI-D(24+1) 3 •Maximum supported resolution of each channel programming output is 2048×
1152@60Hz, and including a variety of custom resolution:1500×1450@60Hz,
1536×1536@60Hz, 1700×1300@60Hz, 1920×1200@60Hz, 2350×1080@60Hz,
2560×960@60Hz, 2600×875@60Hz, 2850×800@60Hz, 3150×720@60Hz,
3600×640@60Hz, 3840×600@60Hz
•Be compliant with HDMI1.3 and inferior version, EDID version 1.3
•One of the channel is preview output
Other Ports:
EX Ports 1 Supporting input expansion. Choices: DVI, VGA, HDMI, SDI, CVBS
 Dual Link DVI  1 Maximum supported resolution: 2560×1600@60Hz or 3840×1200@60Hz
(When Dual Link DVI slot is getting prepared, the number of other input slots will
be different from Standard type, please consult sales engineer.)
 Control interface
RS232 (RJ 11) Baud rate 115200, RJ 11 to RS232 cable provided.
Dual Link DVI Maximum supported resolution: 2560×1600@60Hz or 3840×1200@60Hz
(When Dual Link DVI slot is getting prepared, the number of other input slots will
be different from Standard type, please consult sales engineer.)
Splicing Output Two DVI-D outputs can provide image from different signal and splice a completed image.
•Maximum resolution of splicing output will be 7680×600@60Hz or 1536×3072@60Hz,
other common resolutions:5700×800@60Hz,3840×1200@60Hz, 2560×1920@60Hz
and so on(please consult sales engineer for details)
Display three or less images on screen at the same time, which can be set or overlaid at
Global Hot
•Users can set priority of input signal. When current signal fails, the system will
automatically output next priority signal.
-Users can add text or pictures on video screen at random through KYSTAR control
software, also can set different moving trajectory and speed.
Special Effect
•When switching signal, users can choose different special effect, including: fade in-out,
straight cut, vertical or horizontal comb, round cut-in or cut-out, diamond cut-in or cut-out
and cross of every side.
Blue or Blackout
in one click
 •Output black or blue signal in one click, often used in acting performances.
HD Preview  

•Users can preview any signal of any channel through monitor to switch signal at right
time, avoiding missing switch

Mode Saving
and Calling

•Users can set and save 12 various preferences, so as to call them quickly. There is no
black-out in switching between different modes.

Scheduled Task  Users can preset the equipment to auto-perform the specified operation at a certain time.
 PC Control Mode RS232
Size(mm) 88(H)×432(L)×240(W)
Input Power 100-240VAC  47-63Hz  ≤2A
Operating Temp  0-40 ℃
Humidity 0-95%
Weight(KG) 4.5
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KYSTAR KS920 three-picture splicing processor